Vardaan Seeds Processing & Researh Technology

  • Reassurance Lab

    Quality is ensured by observing high quality standards in fields, followed by testing in a Quality reassurance Lab. .

  • Improving Seeds Ability

    Vardaan Has worked to improve the soybean plant’s ability to grow and adapt to various climates and conditions. .

  • Quality Nutrition

    Vardaan is committed to provide quality nutrition products for the betterment of crop and soil health..

  • Quality Standards

    Vardaan is keeping its option open to work as a Production Alliance Partner for selected Multinational Companies and Institutions so as to make available good quality products to the farming community...

  • Research Activities

    Since plant breeding requires highly qualified technical personnel, Eagle Seeds possesses a team of talented, well-experienced breeders and scientists to undertake research activities.

  • Better Use of Indian Agriculture

    We are also looking for foreign collaborations so that we can bring the latest technology and put it to the use of Indian Agriculture.

Vardaan Progress

Since its begning the company has made remarkable progress in many spheres of commercial Horticulture & Agriculture..

Recent Activity

  • Field Training and Outdoor Reasearch Programs

    Field Crops Research by Company for both experimental and modelling research at the field, farm and landscape level on temperate and tropical crops and cropping systems, with a focus on crop ecology and physiology, agronomy, and plant genetics and breeding.