About Us

Mr. Lokendra Singh Rajput is religious person and followers in the destiny. He strongly believes in the principle of “Work Together and Grow Together” hence he motivated his family members and friends to engaged in the similar business seeds processing and marketing. M/S Vardaan Biotech Pvt Ltd, M/S Agro Seeds & Biotech, Ashok Nagar, Anushka Krishi Seva Kendra, Ashok Nagar, Yadu Seeds & Agrotech, Sanjana Seeds & Biotech, etc. Are some of the associate concerns of the company.

As stated above, Mr. Rajput is first Generation business entrepreneur in his family who has initiated his own business. He is basically from Lower Middle Class Family. He started his business with small and meagre capital of few thousands Rupees and at present his grown net worth has increase by manifold and valued is more than 500 Lacs.

Credentials of the Firm:

M/s. Vardaan Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is among the top ten ‘Seed Processing Unit’ in Madhya Pradesh with a turnover of over Rs. 20 Crore and Consolidated Group Turnover around 50 crores.

The Quality seed of the unit has formed as a brand image and gained popularity among the famers and has became a symbol of profitable farming business. The product is marketed through the chain of wholesalers and retailers spread over in MP as well as nearby State of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, etc.

An Illustrative list of business associates of the firm is as under.

i) Zuari Seeds Ltd, Hyderabad, (Andhra Pradesh) |
ii) DCM Shriram Consolidated Limited (DSCL), Dehli |
iii) Krishi Dhan Seeds Ltd, Indore (MP) |
iv) Ankur Seeds Pvt Ltd, Nagpur (Maharashtra) |
v) Manish Biotech Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad ,(Andhra Pradesh) |
vi) Dhanya Seeds Pvt Ltd,Banglore,(Karnataka) |
vii) Atharva Agro Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.,Durg (Chhattisgarh) |

Management and Manpower:

The Director of the firm controls the overall management of the firm with the assistance of professional staff and supporting staff employed under his leadership and guidance. Thus, the Firm is having combination of young and experienced peoples who are professionally qualified. They keep themselves in touch with latest development in the field and cope-up with the everyday challenges coming up in the business.

In addition to above, they also employed other professional and technical staff to look after various activities of the company with professional approach.

Our Process

Threshing Techniques (Technology)

Threshing is the process of removing seeds from the plant and breaking up remaining plant materials. Threshing may be done by hand or machine, depending on the scale and type of seed to be processed.

Cleaning Dry Seeded Crops

Dry seeds are seeds that are matured in a dry state rather than inside of a fruit. In the harvesting process and after threshing, dry seeds are usually mixed with other plant materials such as sticks and leaves, dirt, stones.

Separation based on weight

Cleaning seed by differences in specific gravity is one of the oldest seed cleaning techniques. When done by hand in the wind it is commonly referred to as winnowing.

Cleaning Wet-Seeded Crops

In two to three days a white scum may appear on the top of the mixture. This is normal and indicates that fermentation is successfully taking place.